Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chiduggery part 2

Valkyrie and Fletcher appeared in the study and gaped at each other.
            “oh… my… GOD…”said Valkyrie and before Fletcher could reply the shadows gathered and Anarchy Rose stood next to them.
            “why did you tell us to go to the apartment?” demanded Valkyrie
            “well…” said Anarchy, tugging on a violent pink streak in her hair, “I was tired of watching China and Skulduggery circle, like equal pieces on a chess board, so I just clunked there heads together and enjoyed the show” she turned to Fletcher “20 bucks says that they do a cover-up” Fletcher considered for a second then shook her hand.
            “Hey!” said Valkyrie “I’m sure Skulduggery will be thrilled to hear that we’re betting on him, but-“
            “how sure?” challenged Fletcher and Valkyrie glared at him
            “20 bucks, I feel bad for taking your money” she said and Anarchy gave a cough that sounded like “hypocrite”. Valkyrie continued rather pointedly,
            “Anarchy, why are you here anyway?” she shrugged
            “this is a really big house so I figured that you’d have a guest room, I want to stick around for a few days and see how this turns out, and I also want to see how much money Fletcher owes me.” Fletcher stuck his tongue out at her and she ignored him,
            “that’s fine, I guess” said Valkyrie “I’ll show you around”

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

at 9 am-ish the next morning Anarchy walked into the kitchen where Valkyrie and Fletcher already were eating breakfast.
            “morning” she said cheerfully snagging the cereal box from Fletcher and rummaging through the cabinets for a bowl. As Anarchy was just finishing up her cereal Valkyrie herd the familiar purr of the Bentley pulling up
            “here comes Skulduggery” she said softly to Anarchy and she grinned
            “good”. skulduggery opened the front door and called out;
            “Val? where are you?”
            “in the kitchen!” Valkyrie called back and a moment later he stood in the door way. Skulduggery walked in and put a file folder in front of Valkyrie
            “we got an assignment from Guild, he wants us to investigate a murder of …” he trailed off and looked up at Valkyrie. She was giving him the evil eye. He sighed,
            “get it if your chest, everyone” He said wearily and everyone started talking at once.
            “Skulduggery and China sittin’ in a tree-“
            “God, Skulduggery! Are you going on a date?!”
            “bawhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!” that last comment was made by Anarchy who was rolling on the floor, laughing.
           " Skulduggery! are going out with China?" asked Fletcher and Skulduggery was silent for a moment or two then, quietly, he said; "yes"
           "haha!" said Fletcher triumphantly snatching a 20 dollar bill from Anarchy's grip, and Skulduggery rounded on them
          "you two where betting on me?!" he roared and Valkyrie pulled the bill from Fletchers hand
          "three" she corrected, smoothly pocketing the cash.

 the rather trashy second part of my chiduggery story. i wasn't planning on posting it and it isn't finished but whatever. enjoy the rubbish!


  1. Hey midnightsun did you read the chiduggery story part one?

  2. I love the character of Anarchy Rose. She is awesome! I had fun reading this story and can't wait to see how Skulduggery reacts! Lol

  3. Anarchy Rose rules and im still laughing -sings china and skulduggery sitting in a tree-