Sunday, August 22, 2010

fanfic 2

The door bell rang; interrupting Valkyrie and Tanith from their breakfast. Tanith, who was standing by the window munching on toast, looked at Valkyrie and said,
            “You own the house, Val.” Muttering, Valkyrie put down her cereal bowl and walked down the hall to answer the door. As she pulled the door open she was greeted with the sight of a girl, dressed in black and with enough weaponry on her to equip an army. Before Valkyrie could do any thing the girl spoke.
            “I’m not going to hurt you! I’m Tanya Espionage and I have information on  Billy-Ray Sanguine that could lead to his capture.” Valkyrie hesitated and then said
            “I’m Valkyrie Cain, come in. What sort of information?”
            “All sorts of information, where he is, what can hold him, you know.” They walked in to the kitchen and Valkyrie said “Tanith, this is Tanya Espionage, Tanya this is Tanith Low. Tanya says she has information on Billy-Ray Sanguine.” Tanith made a muffled sound that, even through a mouthful of toast, could easily be identified as her cursing Billy-Ray’s name, “I agree” said Tanya. Rolling her eyes, Valkyrie walked in to the living room to call Skulduggery. When she went back in to the kitchen Tanya and Tanith were sitting at the table, eating their way through a box of toaster pastries.
            “A few minutes till Skulduggery’s here.” Valkyrie said, taking a Pop-Tart and munching on it. Five minutes later the Bentley pulled up outside of Gordon’s house and
Skulduggery walked in.with introductions out of the way, Valkyrie prompted Tanya with a subtle “Well, what kind on information do you have for us?” Tanya sighed and looked around at all of them.
            “Billy-Ray Sanguine has been training me since before I could walk to become ‘the ultimate mercenary’ but I don’t like killing at all, and that’s why I’m tuning him in. this was supposed to be my first mission and he told me if I failed I would be in big trouble…” She stopped talking then and trembled, probably thinking of what Billy-Ray defined as “trouble”. Tanith put a comforting arm around Tanya’s shoulders “what was the mission?” she asked curiously. Tanya looked up at her with sad eyes, “I was supposed to kill, you.” Tanith gasped and looked at her funny, a mix of pity and sadness, ‘poor girl’ thought Tanith knowing that Tanya never wanted this life. Valkyrie, who was looking angry for her friend, glared at Tanya and said “spill” Tanya gave a weak half smile and asked “were to start?”

  *  *  *  *  *

Billy-Ray Sanguine was sitting in a chair with his boots up on the table; he heard the apartment door open, then close with the looks clicking shut. Tanya walked into the kitchen were Billy was sitting and went strait for the fridge and started to rummage around, trying to find a soda. “You took your time!” sneered Billy-Ray, Tanya didn’t even look up from her rummaging.
            “I needed time to get the detective of my tail. It was unavoidable.”
            “Still, a week!” Tanya had found a coke and was standing, sipping calmly at it. “Sorry” she said, then she pulled one of her giant hunting knifes out and pointed it at Billy-Rays face, “so sorry” she said sarcastically, grinning at Billy. He swore as Tanith walked up behind Tanya, sword out. He was about to sink in to the ground when a voice behind him said “I wouldn’t do that”; he spun to see the barrel of Skulduggery Pleasant’s revolver pointed at his face. Billy-Ray looked desperately at Tanya who was sitting on the table sipping her coke as if she hadn’t a care in the world. He gestured wildly at the pistol she had in a leg holster “drop ‘em!” he cried desperately. Tanya looked calmly at Skulduggery and asked “may I?” The skeleton detective nodded and said “Be my guest.” Tanya smiled and pulled a pair hand cuffs out of her back pocket.
            “Billy-Ray sanguine, by the power endowed unto under the sanctuary rule of justice, I’m placing you under arrest for murder, attempted murder, collaborating against the sanctuary…” she grinned “the list goes on and on”. Sanguine swore.
            “Are you for getting who I am?! I’ll be out of these cuffs and gone the second that gun wavers!”
            “Are you forgetting what I know?” Tanya asked calmly and Billy-Ray paled. “You wouldn’t!” he yelled pulling and thrashing against the shackles, but it was no use.
            “Your powers are bound.” Tanya informed Billy as he pulled on the hand cuffs “and the lovely cell you’ll be held in is bound too.” Billy, who was now constantly swearing, glared at Tanya “why?” he asked. Tanya smirked, “the first lesson you taught me was ‘never trust no one’ to bad you didn’t follow your own advice”. She walked out, nodding to some cleavers being led by Valkyrie up the stairs. She went down the stairs and out into the cool night air.

Tanya Espionage has left the building.

it will be a while till i type up the next one. am i the only one who thinks Valkyrie and Billy-ray would be perfect together? ohh, that's the next story im typing' up. Valguine! squeel!

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