Thursday, August 26, 2010

This will make you smile =)

(note! the stared ones are not mine. they are bill-e-the-badger's at deviant thanks for the inspiration bill-e!)

20 ways to annoy Skulduggery Pleasant!

*1) Next time he goes to bleach his skull, replace it with hot-pink hair dye.
*2) Don't just take the hat hostage, why not the suit as well?
 *3) Next time he needs to meet you, stand him up and go shopping with china.
*4) Call him a bone-head both behind his back and to his face.
*5) Since he uses long and complicated word that you don't under-stand try out some
abbreviations and street slang and see how that fares out.
*6) Hot-wire the Bentley and go on a joy ride.
*7) Talk about how lovely Serpine's hair hair and skin are.
*8) Every-time he get something wrong, tell him that if he hand a brain he'd be dangerous!
*9) Dye his fedora pink and purple.
10) "Barrow" his head for your Halloween party.
11) Complain loudly when he won't let Finbar Tattoo you.
12) Spill coke in the Bentley.
13) Tell him that if he get a motorcycle, he'd be the ghost rider.
14) Make fun of the little bow on his hat.
15) NEVER let him live down the pink bunny hospital gown.
16) Point out just how stupid his disguise really is.
17) Replace his Frank Sinatra with the Spice Girls.
18) Un-tie his shoe laces, laugh when he trips.
19) Stand on his hat. (simplicity at its best).
20) Make up your own! (im to lazy to think one more up).

i giggle when i read these, no mater how cruddy the day has been =)


  1. aha ha ha theses are really good :D number 6 really got me giggiling

  2. wait no work vertifiation thing .. weird ... and wonderful :D

  3. brilliant I was laughing all the way through

  4. Im in a emo mood, but then i read this and now im smiling. hey Nicolette Croga, i got rid of the word verification thing just for the awesome people who read my blog =)

  5. I'm at the library and am reading this. I'm trying not to laugh out loud, but it's hard! I'm getting all these wierd looks! Lol I'm gonna get kicked out!

  6. oh id glady rip off his suit anytime. shame he's made of bones and isnt real... *sigh*

  7. LOL

    if I ever meet him… mwahaha!

    Erm....OKAAAAY midnight...weird

    Sorry Lizzy I wad looking. At old posts